About Us

Mel Reynolds is the Founder of Organic Earth Pl. and has over 25yrs industry experience in cosmetic and Natural  therapies owning multi award winning Salons and manufacturing 'green and clean' Organic and Natural skincare for customers in Australia and New Zealand. Currently completing a Diploma of health sciences. 

The store has a selection of Natural chemical free Vegan safe and Organic products and Superfood recipes to help you make informed choices when shopping for a safer alternative. There are no ‘nasties’ hidden in the ingredient listings.

Take a look at our Superfood Recipes page for some fresh food ideas Vegan friendly, Dairy, Grain and Sugar free. 

We stock a selection of  Organic Vegan and Natural hair beauty  & health brands used and put to the test. We regard these products as professional standard as they have been proven market leaders and game changers in the growing Organic Industry. 


Our Own Natural Products 

"I love making and mixing natural and organic ingredients and making new Superfood recipes. My favourite -fresh organic ingredients i use them in my recipes and in my skincare recipes. Creating goodness from within and on the outside work together in harmony."

Mel Reynolds
Organic Earth

Organic Earth products are made from a blend of Certified Organic oils and butters and what we class as the best Natural Australian Ingredients locally produced from sustainable sources. This means the ingredients are of a high active standard and are 100% Natural. 

The result is a "Natural Active" Professional grade product. Available in Retail and Salon Wholesale.

We provide a 100% money back guarantee on all Organic earth Skincare products if you are not satisfied.